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Technology Room


Dover Public Library is pleased to offer an advanced Technology Room to our patrons. This facility integrates all computers, printers, and microfilm machines into one efficient and comfortable electronic access area. We offer the following electronic services:
  • High speed Internet access.
  • CD-ROM library research materials
  • Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs
    • Microsoft Word
    • WordPerfect 9
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Corel Quattro Pro
    • Lotus 1-2-3
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Corel Presentations
Each workstation is equipped with a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer. We also provide a Hewlett-Packard InkJet color printer for those producing color documents. The Internet workstations are fast, state-of-the-art machines accessing the Internet through a high-speed T1 data line. Individual headphone/ear bud plug-ins allow unobtrusive listening to audio content on the Internet.
The Technology Room is staffed at all times by personnel trained to assist patrons in Internet usage, database searches, and office applications. Internet classes for beginners will be offered in the very near future.
Two microfilm machines, one a viewer only, and the second a reader & printer, allow patrons to research newspapers as far back as the 1800's. Specifically, the microfilm library consists of:
  • Ohio Democrat (Dec. 22, 1865 - Dec. 30, 1897)
  • New Philadelphia Times (Jan. 7, 1886 - Dec. 20, 1894)
  • Dover Iron Valley Reporter (June 1, 1872 - Apr. 12, 1900)
  • Ohio Democrat Times (Mar. 29, 1900 - Dec. 31, 1925)
  • Daily Times (Mar. 20, 1903 - Mar. 2, 1968)
  • Dover Daily Reporter (Nov. 16, 1905 - Mar. 2, 1968)
  • Times-Reporter (Mar. 4, 1968 - Present)

Every effort was made to ensure our patrons' comfort while using our electronic resources. Modern, ergonomic seating, large-screen monitors, and diffused lighting assure a comfortable experience while "surfing the Web" or producing documents.


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